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For Foundation and Advanced Practitioners
and those wishing to gain Teachers' Accreditation

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Timetable 2019/20

Foundation Practitioners
October 25/26/27 - November 22/23/24 - January 17/18/19
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Course investment - £600.00 (See payment plan)

Advanced Course 
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Teachers Training 
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The School of Altai Massage

The Foundation Practitioners Course in Altai Massage™

Is an introduction for participants to the ancient art of healing touch through massage.
Based on shamanic wisdom handed down across generations, participants benefit from a fascinating and experiential induction into the many ways of using and working with intuitive sensitivity and observation alongside using hands as communicators and receptors towards healing.

The art of listening through touch is one of the prime aspects in Altai Massage™. Participants will be encouraged to develop their own skill in this..

The three weekend course will not only be thoroughly relaxing, joyful and fun, it will also enable participants to take away a bundle of newly gained skills and awareness to use on their own journey and amongst family and friends. 
Course fee for 3 weekends includes worksheets, tuition and opportunities for gaining both client and practioner experience and a certification of attendance.


The Advanced Course in Altai Massage™

It is intended that this course and modules will enable the individual practitioner to develop a new modality for healing and communication through the power of touch and be able to incorporate these skills into their practice.It is hoped that by completing this short course, you will have gained an appreciation of the Altai Massage™ philosophy and its potential, and use this to dramatically extend your own repertoire. You will receive a Visual Guide to techniques used in Altai Massage™ and a certificate on completion of the module.The study of body positioning and strategies for effective release of tension, reading and interpreting the body story are just some of the module’s content.

The course will also include a module dealing of personal development. This new module is considered imperative in any work dealing with and working with others. This module will include working with the five senses and six mental faculties.

Please note:
To qualify for the Advanced Course you need to have any one or more of the following - A+P certification - previous course
- other massage or beauty therapist qualifications - registered nursing and/or care qualifications.


The School of Altai Massage

The Teachers Training Course in Altai Massage™

This course will develop the whole Altai Massage curriculum and training into an integrated package enabling individuals themselves to teach the Altai Massage process.

Foundation Practitioner

The  Course is for anyone who would like to bring massage and the art of touch into their lives perhaps with an eye toward a professional qualification or just as a great way to share healing with family and friends read more...

Advanced Practitioner

This course is for massage practitioners who already have the basic knowledge and qualifications of massage, anatomy and physiology. Read more...

Teachers Training

The Course is for qualified Altai Massage™ practitioners who can demonstrate a sufficient portfolio of case studies using the basic techniques.
Read more ....

A training for Life Health and the Advancement of Human Beingness see more....

Touch is human communication in action, through the body's individual and collective parts and love.
Healing starts from the Heart see more...

The magical, unspoilt jewel lying at the heart of Central Asia.
When The Divine created the World
Altai was asked to be the testament to Her Beauty find out more...

The therapeutic and life-enhancing benefits of Altai Massage™
Nature's own nurture through touch and communication

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