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Massage is an amazing gift of Mother Nature
At Altai Massage™ we believe that a unique and interdependent world revolves around and links all being sentient and non-sentient, creating the potential for living a harmonious and balanced life that fosters growth, evolution, wisdom and Altai shamanic unconditional love.

As well as affording and promoting insight into, awareness and honouring of our natural spiritual nature, we recognise and help to promote through Altai Massage™, the inherent beauty that lies

within each being, through helping clear veils of ignorance, resisitance and blockage that have encrusted around and within us.
Our massage courses have been created to assist and develop skills and knowledge for individuals who either are beginners or already therapists in their respective field.

Massage and the art of touch is an ancient wisdom.
None more so than Altai Massage that originates form the sacred enviroments of Central Asia Read more...

You will also find an expanding, quality selection of tools and accessories, tables and music that will help you enjoy, develop and enhance your massage skills both personally and professionally.

Enjoy looking around and we are always keen to get your feedback so do contact us

Touch is one of the basic languages of muscles, nerves, and love. To be held is to be supported: to be touched is contact and communication; to be touched sensitively is to be cared for. Touching and being touched is a pleasure our western culture teaches us to avoid. Read more...

One of the precepts of Altai Massage™ training is to begin to 'know thyself'. As old as human questing for why we are here, who we are, this 


One of the precepts of Altai Massage™ training is to begin to 'know thyself'. As old as human questing for why we are here, who we are, this single foundation pillar to any healing work has been known by many who teach, shamen worth their salt and all desiring to progress in inner growth. It is why our training incorporates the basics of self development in each and every student, encouraging self enquiry, critical thinking and the development of inner knowing.

"The hero is the champion of things becoming" Joseph Campbell, The Hero with a Thousand Faces


Foundation Practitioner

The  Course is for anyone who would like to bring massage and the art of touch into their lives perhaps with an eye toward a professional qualification or just as a great way to share healing with family and friends read more...

Advanced Practitioner

This course is for massage practitioners who already have the basic knowledge and qualifications of massage, anatomy and physiology. Read more...

Teachers Training

The Course is for qualified Altai Massage™ practitioners who can demonstrate a sufficient portfolio of case studies using the basic techniques.
Read more ....


A training for Life Health and the Advancement of Human Beingness see more....

Touch is human communication in action, through the body's individual and collective parts and love.
Healing starts from the Heart see more...

The magical, unspoilt jewel lying at the heart of Central Asia.
When The Divine created the World
Altai was asked to be the testament to Her Beauty find out more...

The therapeutic and life-enhancing benefits of Altai Massage™
Nature's own nurture through touch and communication

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