Where is Altai?

The magical, unspoilt jewel that lies at the heart of Central Asia

When The Divine created the World Altai was asked to
represent Her Beauty

The Altai region, in Central Asia, is the cradle of a number of very old civilisations. The Scythians left an abundance of standing stones, burial grounds and rock paintings. Many other peoples also passed through the Altai including Huns and a succession of Turkic tribes.

Siberia is a mysterious land, keeping the traces of ancient civilizations and untouched nature alive. The human being and the nature elements - fire, air, earth, and water - interlace in harmony with the landscape of this great country.

It is so strong that you will feel the invisible power in every rustle of the tree leaves, in every capful of wind, in the shaman's movements during his rituals at the fireplace, in the ringing silence of the Khakassian Steppes, in the fascinating rhythm of the monks voices in the Buddhist temple, and in the majestic running of the main vital water-way of the ancient earth - Yenissey - the ancient wisdom of the world.

The Altai is not simply mountains, forests, rivers and waterfalls, but also a living spirit. The lakes are its eyes that gaze into the Universe. The waterfalls and rivers are its speech and songs about life and the beauty of the Earth and mountains. The Altai theme is very much in evidence in folk songs, legends, shaman mysteries and the rites and cults of the Altai people.

Just as the people of Siberia "No-Man's Land" led a nomadic life. Their journeys of discovery that have led them to know and love their landscape can be seen reflected in the massage. As the people evolved from the beginning of times so too has the massage and even now it is still being co-created with each person.

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"It is written that the gods came from the stars...
that the shamans are the mediators between sky and earth.... and that one day
we ALL return to the stars"

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The magical, unspoilt jewel lying at the heart of Central Asia.
When The Divine created the World
Altai was asked to be the testament to Her Beauty find out more...

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Nature's own nurture through touch and communication


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