Virve Viigand - Founder and Tutor
of the Altai Masssage™ System

The Shamanic Way through touch and communication

The Spiritual Way of the Ancestors

I was born in Archangel, Northern Russia, at the time of the Balsamic moon. I now believe this auspicious moment defined my later work as a healer and therapist. Though my childhood was spent in Estonia, the Russian and ultimately Altaian influences on my development were constantly encouraging me towards the path that I now tread.

My connection to the shamanic line was determined through my parents' lineage - particularly that my grandmother. Her influence on my early understanding and implementation of my healing work was pivotal. I am often reminded of her words:

"To be a true healer, you have to know how to weave."

"Weave, weave and let the invisible worlds guide the thread of your existence as you choose each step on the path you tread"

Today I endeavour to communicate the meaning behind her words as a key part of the Altai Massage™ training. The healer must develop their understanding of the transformation process that takes place from the point of raw material (presented by the client) to that of the finely tailored garment (the cleared and balanced state the client is able to experience after treatment).
Throughout my childhood I spent many days and nights in the secret and magical forests of my Estonian upbringing.

Nature and its spirits helped me develop a love of the natural cycles and how they influence a working toward harmony and integration. I later came to appreciate that the mystical initiations that I experienced would ingrain an important awareness of how to inspire our healing potential. This is a fundamental aspect that will be shared during the Altai Massage™ training.

When I was 22, I met the teacher who would become the major influence in my training. He was from the Buryatian region, close to the Altai. After a year he told me that my work would develop in its own style and released me to begin practicing Altai Massage™.

Though blessed by a rich spiritual heritage of the land of my earlier life, it was being drawn to the sacred landscape of Glastonbury in England that enabled the seed bed to flourish into the full development that is now the massage and healing work. It is therefore appropriate that my spiritual path comes full circle with the development of Altai Massage™ as I become reconnected through future massage and shamanic journeys. 

Trekking towards Belukha and Lake Akem satiating my love of horseback riding

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The Course is for qualified Altai Massage™ practitioners who can demonstrate a sufficient portfolio of case studies using the basic techniques.
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Touch is human communication in action, through the body's individual and collective parts and love.
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The magical, unspoilt jewel lying at the heart of Central Asia.
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Nature's own nurture through touch and communication


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