Travel to Altai - Experience the Source

Altai Trekking to the Gates of Shambhala
Visit the Sacred and mysterious Valley of the Mother of the World
An adventure and enlightenment unparalleled

Experience the sheer beauty of a world beyond imagination

This extraordinary virtually-pristine landscape that is the home to the rarely-sighted snow leopard, natural fauna and flora  co-existing with the elements magically and beautifully, is the palette upon which we trek by foot and on horse, rafting and walking to altitudes that invigorate and expand the consciousness.

From the Alpine meadows and lowlands of the Altai we slowly climb towards the pinnacle and sacred centre of this region - Mount Belukha. (right)

Alongside fast flowing glacier rivers and through pine forests that put the Lord of the Rings to shame, we trek together, share together and listen and be guided by the stories of the grandmothers.

Mount Belukha, where in the 1920's the great mystic and painter Nicholai Roerich and his wife disappeared through the portal of Shambhala for over two weeks, we shall touch the glacier lakes of this sacred mountainscape and meditate within these natural shamanic temples.

We visit the Mother of the World Valley region and share a magic meditation in a deeply spiritual place. We walk through pristine natural landscapes that Mother of the World Valleyshows phenomenal beauty.

Accommodation and experiences on this Altai trekking adventure:
You enjoy a summer climate that reaches into the sometimes high 80sC (30ºF), camping in tents and wooden chalets. Experiencing and enjoying Bagnas (Russian saunas), swimming in Glacier rivers and glacier-cold crystal clear lakes of many colours and doing yoga and t'ai chi within some of the earth's most stunning landscapes as our inspiration. 

This unique experience introduces you to a part of the world little populated, considered sacred earth by the indigenous people and offering incomparable and vast vistas of nature at its most magnificent and awe inspiring.

Both the high Altai and the plains and valleys of Mongolia are places of sparce population and yet those that one will meet on the way have been drawn to these places because of their spiritual and sacred nature and thus the personal pilgrimage that can be experienced will afford openings on many levels and in often unexpected ways.

Trekking across the high Altai towards Belukha and Lake Akem

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"It is written that the gods came from the stars...that the shamans are the mediators between sky and earth....
and that one day we ALL return to the stars"

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